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Keys that drive your success

Driving success with unparalleled experience, intelligence, technology, accountability and resale network relationships. 

With over 180,000 vehicles remarketed per year at auctions throughout North America, Remarketing by Element is a recognized leader with unparalleled experience, intelligence, technology and resale network relationships.

Promotional Strategy

National promotional strategies, including events like "Drive For Show, Putt For Dough," help to engage our top buyers and keep them interested in purchasing vehicles being remarketed by Element. For vehicles that are considered hard to sell, Remarketing by Element arranges for the provision of location-based campaigns that can include transportation assistance, reduced buy fees, and prizes. Our clients enjoy all the benefits derived from these promotions at no extra cost.

Professional Expertise

At Remarketing by Element, our expert field team places your vehicles with those of like model and grade so we can bring specific buyer profiles to the lane. All sales are simulcast, which enables interested buyers to buy and sell online in live auction sales via real-time audio and video, and therefore providing both in-lane and online interested buyers with the tools they need to compete for your vehicles and optimize value.


Many factors must be taken into account when making recommendations for reconditioning, and with each and every recommendation our expectation is to recoup these costs threefold. Plus, because of our national services agreements, Remarketing by Element can arrange for excellent rates on detailing, paint, body work, windshield replacement, and mechanical repairs for your vehicles.

Performance Measurement

At Element, we measure all aspects of the remarketing cycle: Retention, days to sale, days to pick up, time to prepare a condition report, and more. We benchmark retention against industry valuation guides, such as Black Book Commercial Guide and Manheim Market Report (MMR). Plus, we hold each of our auction providers accountable for results, and continuously evaluate their performance across a wide spectrum of categories.


At Remarketing by Element, we provide all of our clients with access to AutoIMS, a web-based management tool powered by Auto Auction Services Corp. that is considered the benchmark of the industry. With AutoIMS, our clients can consign units, view condition reports, place holds, and apply pricing. It also provides a comprehensive audit trail of all activity at the auction, and is equipped with powerful reporting capabilities. Together, Remarketing by Element and AutoIMS are focused on making our clients' auction experience as efficient, profitable, and transparent as possible.

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