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Expertise delivered in "Plain Speak"

Customers across North America trust Remarketing By Element to be their advocate and deliver high value service. We provide expertise on the block and advantages in the lanes.

We simplify the auction process by providing consultative services that are delivered in "Plain Speak." Our experience, know-how, networking reach, process and technological capabilities make us clear leaders in automotive remarketing. We are your advocate at the sale: With Remarketing by Element, you get expertise on the block and advantage in the lanes.

Remarketing off-lease and repossessed vehicles can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Our professionals handle everything on your behalf, in ways designed to help drive higher returns and shorter cycle times. We also provide ATV, boat, trailer, RV and speciality vehicle remarketing services.

Getting the highest possible net sale price for each of your vehicles is our goal. We typically deliver 105 percent of market value for our clients, with average net returns that are $300 higher than industry benchmarks.

Remarketing By Element is a part of Element Fleet Management Corp.the leading global fleet management company, providing management services and financing for vehicle and equipment fleets.

People Make the Difference

Our experienced, high-quality remarketing professionals form the foundation upon which our client relationships are built. Our client-focused approach ensures that you will consistently work with a dedicated group of professionals who understand and will fulfill your objectives.

With an average of 21 years' experience, our field-based Element remarketing representatives are on-hand at every auction to monitor the entire sale process. They understand valuations, handle important paperwork, and obtain prime lane positioning for your vehicles. In addition, our dedicated and professional operations and sales support team ensures a consistent and smooth remarketing process.

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