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Independent Dealers

Professional management of your vehicles at the auction

With over 180,000 used vehicles sold annually at auctions throughout North America, Remarketing by Element is a recognized leader in time- and cost-efficient asset disposition with unparalleled experience, intelligence, technology and resale network relationships.

Now, these unique asset disposition capabilities are being made available to independent dealers through our consultative services offering that delivers the credibility, integrity and “plain speak” that only Element can provide.

The Element Advantage

NAIDA National Member Benefit Program

Independent dealers nationwide trust Element’s professional remarketing team and best-in-class technology to improve their vehicle sale results, and we’re confident we can earn your business too.

Professional management of your vehicles at the auction

Mega-sales and contests

Independent dealers’ vehicles are combined with Element's commercial fleet vehicles to create mega-sales of 100+ cars, a key factor in attracting dealer/buyers. Working with our auction partners, we further build dealer/buyer excitement through contests, promotions and incentives designed to increase the final sale price for the independent dealer's vehicles.

On-site representation

Element's professional remarketing team inspects independent dealers' vehicles before the auction to ensure that ordered repairs and detailing are completed before the sale. Then our team represents the vehicles on the auction block to ensure dealer/buyers are excited about bidding, and confident in the vehicles they're buying. After the sale, we audit the auction fees to ensure that all fees and charges are accurate.

Top lane position and competitive fees

Element’s volume and strong relationships with our auction partners earn us top lane position at the auctions we use. Independent dealers' vehicles will receive preferred lane positioning where there’s strong bidding activity by dealer/buyers with money to spend. In addition, Element has negotiated a flat sale fee and reduced recon, paint and body and mechanical fees and passes those savings on to our dealer partners.

Smart reconditioning guidance

If desired, Element can provide independent dealers with repair recommendations that make vehicles more attractive to buyers while improving cost-efficiency. The goal is to increase sale prices by $3 for every $1 spent on repairs.

Best-in-class technology and Six-Sigma excellence

Easy-to-use web-based tools

Operational efficiency and accuracy is enhanced through simple-to-use web-based tools for assigning vehicles to Element, and then managing and reporting on those vehicles. Tools include real-time status updates, online condition reports and photos, sales and expense detail, and robust reporting capabilities.

Performance measurement

At Element, we measure all aspects of our marketing performance and then use those measurements to continuously improve operations. In addition, we make performance reports available to our client independent dealers in a transparent fashion.

Element integrity

Honesty and integrity builds trust

Element’s remarketing team upholds the highest standards of our company’s international reputation for integrity, honesty, and transparency in all of its actions. That builds trust with auction personnel and with dealer/buyers resulting in better service to independent dealers and higher sale prices for their vehicles.

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