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Highest net returns possible

With vehicle remarketing services by Element, you get expertise on the block, advantage in the lanes and professional support throughout the entire process.

By physically representing our vehicles at auction and making strategic reconditioning decisions, we consistently exceed market targets. We evaluate our processes and each sale to ensure we maintain the highest net returns possible for our remarketing customers.

Designed to maximize the return on your fleet investment with our unmatched vehicle remarketing services, our professionals can handle all aspects of resale management, from timing sales to finding the best channels and setting prices. The result: lower depreciation and maintenance costs and generally higher resale proceeds.

Our strong relationships with top-performing auctions, dealers and brokers help us drive higher resale values for remarketed vehicles. We arrange for an effective, web-enabled program that allows drivers and other eligible employees of your company, if you wish, to purchase off-lease vehicles at competitive wholesale prices. You can also choose to control the purchase of your off-lease vehicles but let us handle the paperwork.

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